About Us

Nationally, it is estimated that 77% of all freshmen and sophomores are in the process of deciding on an academic major*. The student body at the University of Central Florida is no exception. In addition, a number of students have chosen majors, but for the wrong reasons:

  • “My parents want me to be a…”
  • “I must have a major in order to get good academic advising…”
  • “I have to choose a major or I can’t register…”
  • “Everyone else has a major…”

First Year Advising and Exploration (FYAE) believes that it is not only okay but normal to be exploring majors and careers; most importantly, we want students to realize that they are not alone.

Students are encouraged to participate in as many major and self-exploration activities as possible during their first semester at UCF. The more information students receive regarding their strengths, weaknesses, and interests, the greater the likelihood that they will find their “perfect match”. Students are highly encouraged to set up an appointment with their academic advisors or visit career services to find out if they are in a “best fit” major.

*Rayman, J. R. (1993). Concluding remarks and career services imperatives for the 1990s. In J. Rayman (ed.), The Changing Role of Career Services. (p. 101-108). San Francisco: Jossey Bass

Summer Undeclared Presentation

The goal of this presentation is to introduce students to the Major Exploration Program and engage students in the major exploration process by providing them with an opportunity to learn about academic policies, available resources, and the completion of the career assessments.

Academic Year – Fall and Spring

During the academic year, students are encouraged to enroll in Career Planning MHS 2330 to continue their major exploration. In MHS 2330: Career Planning students will be guided through activities that will assist them in gaining more knowledge about their skills, interests, and the various resources available to assist them with their major exploration. In addition to this course, students will be encouraged to participate in various exploratory and academic success workshops, Advisors on Location, Spring Majors Fair, and other events which are designed to further assist them in their major exploration.

UCF Undeclared Policy

All students at the University of Central Florida are expected to officially declare a major prior to earning 45 college credit hours (this includes credits earned from CLEP, Dual Enrollment, AP, and IB). An administrative hold to prevent future university registration will be placed on the records of all students that have not declared a major. Students must meet with an academic advisor (within Student Development and Enrollment Services, the Colleges, or Regional Campuses) to have the hold released.