Major & Career Exploration

Below you can find a roadmap and strategies for students in the process of exploring different majors and careers. These resources help you build self-knowledge, educational knowledge, occupational knowledge, and decision-making knowledge as it relates to deciding on majors and careers.*

*Information adapted from the Undecided College Student by Virginia N. Gordon (1995)

Building Self-Knowledge

  • Take assessments to determine your values, interests, personality, and skills
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss your aspirations
  • Attend the Spring Majors Fair and exploration workshops
  • Get involved in student clubs and organizations
  • Consider enrolling in exploration courses like MHS 2330: Career Planning and
    SLS 1501: Strategies for Success
  • Utilize academic and personal resources (SARC, CAPS, WHPS, etc.) on-campus to balance your personal and academic well-being

Building Educational Knowledge

  • Review the Undergraduate Catalog and develop a tentative list of 2-3 majors to explore further
  • Meet with an academic advisor to discuss your major aspirations and degree requirements
  • Take courses in areas of interest that also meet General Education Program (GEP) requirements
  • Take introductory courses from areas of interest that may satisfy major requirements
  • Get involved on campus through student organizations and campus activities
  • Study Abroad

Building Occupational Knowledge

  • Conduct informational interviews with people of career and/or major related interests
  • Seek career-related experiences through cooperative education, internship experiences, service learning,
    job shadowing and externships
  • Meet with a career counselor and develop a career action plan
  • Participate in Undergraduate Research
  • Attend graduate, law, and medical school preparation workshops and fairs (if applicable)
  • Participate in professional skill-building workshops and career fairs through Career Services

Building Decision-Making Knowledge

  • Think about how your values, interests, personality, and skills would align with the major and careers
    you may choose
  • Reflect on how you integrate your values into your decision-making
  • Think about what actions steps you need to take to follow through with your decision
  • Continue speaking with career counselors, academic advisors, faculty and mentors
  • Utilize decision-making resources through Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Consider your stage in your major and career exploration journey and utilize relevant resources below to
help you take your next step.

Completely undecided on academic major

I have an idea (or several ideas) about what I wish to major in, but I am not ready to commit to one

I am completely undecided on a career

I have an idea (or several ideas) about a career, but I am not ready to commit myself to one

Additional Exploration Resources